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Decrypting Diversity at Leadership Level in Cybersecurity

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Decrypting Diversity at Leadership Level in Cybersecurity

14 June 2022 16:00-17:00 VirtualWatch Here

​On 14thJune, Broadgate Social’s Diversity within Cyber community came together to take part in a panel discussion hosted by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA). This panel was part of a Cyber Risk Forum, featuring several panel discussions exploring growing risk concerns, risks associated with cyber events such as ransomware, anti-money laundering and diversity at leadership level in cybersecurity.

Our panel discussion, hosted by Jacob Simmonds, ‘Decrypting diversity at leadership level in cybersecurity’ explored varying experiences in getting into and developing careers in cybersecurity. Looking at blockages in reaching senior positions, particularly among diverse groups, as well as identifying the risks of not diversifying your teams and ensuring diversity of thought.

During the discussion we were joined by:

  • Rose Songer, Director Security Compliance at Spring Health

  • Jen Olmsted, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder at CyTrex

  • Andrew Obadiaru, CISO at Cobalt

  • John Mitchell, CISO at NextechAR

We explored the importance of advocating for yourself as a main driving force for change from the top-down. Highlighting the importance of seeing opportunities for others that are familiar to you. Our panel looked at diversity of thought being particularly imperative in the cybersecurity and risk space, helping organisations to differentiate themselves in the market, create new ideas and ways of thinking that will make an impact and drive change.

We would like to extend our thanks once more to our inspiring panel for their insights, our attendees for joining the discussion as well as our host, Jacob Simmonds.

Missed the webinar? Check out a recording on our YouTube channel.

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