Meet Ben Adams, the Co-Founder and International Managing Director for Broadgate. Ben co-founded Broadgate in January 2015 with a clear vision: to create a recruitment agency built around people, culture, and excellence.

Through its person-centred approach to recruitment, Broadgate grew quickly, attracting a range of top-notch recruiters along the way. Ben and the team soon found themselves working with the most exciting high-growth, tech-enabled businesses across the UK, ultimately laying the foundations for Broagate's global expansion.

In 2018, a year after the launch of Broadgate's Dublin office, Ben co-founded a second recruitment brand, BioTalent, aiming to bring his trademark energy and values to the life sciences sector. Ben's success would win him the NatWest Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019.

In 2021, Ben moved into a Group role as Chief Commercial Officer before taking on the responsibility of Trinnovo Group Managing Director for the US, where he led our strategic growth. After opening an office in Boston, Ben returned to the UK to lead the global Broadgate team from Trinnovo Group's London HQ.

Ben works closely with financial service Boards and CEOs, supporting them on C suite or INED appointments across the UK, Ireland and the US. Alongside his day-to-day responsibilities as an MD, Ben was an advisory board member at Kroo until January 2024, a digital challenger bank on a mission to change banking for the better. Ben is a senior advisor to Ex-Military Careers, our social enterprise that seeks to bridge the gap between the military and a fulfilling civilian career.

'Broadgate is in the business of building brighter futures for the clients, candidates, colleagues, and communities we serve. We're all set for an exciting year of change and transformation in the world of regulated busienss, and I'm proud that Broadgate is a part of it. Our commitment to our responsibilties as a B Corp aligns closely with the rising demand for sustainable business solutions, and thanks to our growing communities, we're uniquely positioned to support both employers and job seekers through this once-in-a-generation market.'