Webinar 14  Decrypting Diversity At Leadership Level In Cybersecurity

Webinar #14: Decrypting Diversity at Leadership Level in Cybersecurity

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Webinar #14: Decrypting Diversity at Leadership Level in Cybersecurity

Broadgate Socials Diversity within Cyber community will explore varying experiences in getting into and developing their careers in cybersecurity. We will look at the blockages in reaching senior positions, particularly among diverse groups. Exploring the risks of not diversifying your teams and ensuring diversity of thought.

Discussion points:

  • Diversity within compliance and risk

  • Imposter syndrome, self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Why is having a diverse compliance team imperative to success?

  • What can businesses do to improve diversity within their teams?

  • Importance of diversity of thought – different perspectives and insights – particularly important in cyber security as it provides organisations with the opportunity to build innovative solutions to address some of today’s biggest cyber security challenges.

  • The risks of continuing to hire the same type of cyber professionals with the same skills and perspectives

  • How can we reduce barriers to entry in cyber security? – access to certification, training and entry-level opportunities etc.

  • Diversity at leadership level