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5 Reasons to Start Your Career in Compliance

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5 Reasons to Start Your Career in Compliance

​The thought of a career in compliance doesn’t always spark excitement, and its reputation as a dry line of work doesn’t do it any favours.

In reality, the modern compliance role is a rapidly evolving, dynamic, rewarding and highly fulfilling career choice, and it’s home to many of the brightest minds in business.

Is a career in compliance the right way to go? Here are five reasons that might convince you.

1. You Represent Ethical Decision-Making

Anyone, be it business owners, investors, stakeholders, must be held accountable for their decisions. After all, they directly influence the lives of people everywhere.

Compliance jobs exist to make sure this accountability is integrated into the business and upheld at all times. In many ways, compliance experts act as the ethical paragon of the company.

There’s a real chance to make a positive difference to the wider business world through a career in compliance, an opportunity to deliver an impact that benefits a huge number of people, starting with the customer!

2. You Have Security

Regulations don’t really go away, they just evolve, all the time. There will always be a need for compliance jobs, just as there will always be a need to regulate businesses.

At a time when mass layoffs populate each and every headline, job security is a real weight off the shoulders. Moreover, this security can translate to incredible experience and opportunity inside your niche.

3. You Have a Clear Career Path

Unlike many modern jobs, compliance has a fairly straightforward progression path, but that doesn’t mean it has to be linear.

From the graduate level, all the way through to the director of compliance, most businesses have a need for regulatory experts, and that means you have the potential to excel in a wealth of exciting industries.

4. You Have a Chance to Cultivate a Versatile Skillset

Compliance can be an intricate field of work to navigate. It grants people a superb opportunity to develop a versatile (and transferrable) skillset.

Communication, problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, and industry knowledge are all soft skills that will likely gain a huge boost throughout your time as a compliance professional.

5. You Get to Work with People

Understanding compliance means understanding people. A compliance professional gets the opportunity to work with a huge range of individuals, from board members and policymakers, to customers and counterparts, there’s no shortage of network building opportunities.

It’s part of what makes the role so dynamic, and a huge reason people decide to enter the field in the first place.

These are just five of the many great reasons to pursue a career in compliance, but there’s plenty more out there. If it sounds like something that speaks to your career goals, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Broadgate today.

We specialise in matching our candidates with compliance roles in which we know they can thrive – our people-first approach works, and we’ll continue to make it work on our mission to build diversity, create inclusion, and encourage workplace innovation.