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Top 3 Skills for Fintech Pros

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Top 3 Skills for Fintech Pros

From alternative lending to transformative A.I. and digital disrupters, fintech looks set to continue reshaping the way the world interacts with all things finance. As usual, great innovation makes way for even greater career opportunities! Here at Broadgate, we’re fortunate enough to work with many of the best clients and candidates around, and we’ve found that when it comes to fintech jobs, there’s a recurring theme.

With so many fintech jobs out there, it’s hard to know what to look out for. Here are three of the top skills employers are looking for in the current climate:

1. Durable Skills

Durable skills (the successor term to soft skills?) last forever, or at least, they last longer than their perishable counterparts, and in a space that doesn’t stand still, they’re critically important parts of the talent puzzle.

It’s a broad term that generally refers to skills like communication, leadership, self-awareness, creativity, adaptability and interpersonal skills like empathy and active listening.

Tech changes quickly, and so do the methodologies required to make the most of it, but durable skills act as a consist thread throughout. Ironically enough, soft skills are among the hardest to learn, but once you’ve learnt them, they’re gifts that keep on giving.

2. Coding

Historically, tech has been somewhat synonymous with coding, and with the constant emergence of new platforms (hello, serverless!), it’s important to have a strong understanding of the languages used in today’s world.

JavaScript is still the most popular coding language in general, but in recent years, Python has risen to incredible prominence in the fintech space, largely due to its versatility. Obtaining experience with the relevant platforms can help set you apart as top-tier candidate, but there’s no need to start panicking if you haven’t had a chance to grow your coding skillset just yet – many companies are offering training opportunities in an effort to draw in talent just like you!

3. Customer-Facing Experience

In a world governed by tech and ever-evolving regulatory pressure, the customer experience has a habit of getting left behind. Fintech companies can’t afford to let this happen, and they’ll need the right people onboard to ensure they make the right decisions for the customer.

Finance jobs, no matter what kind of company you’re working for, can benefit from customer-facing experience. Whether you’re working in Fincrime, accounting, transformation, cybersecurity, auditing, or any number of areas in the fintech space, having a customer-centric mindset can elevate your professional experience.

A Wealth of Opportunity

Fintech is growing quickly, representing a wealth of opportunity for anyone hoping to take their financial career in an exciting new direction.

Whether you’re hoping to break into the industry for the very first time, or you simply want to sidestep into an area that allows for professional and personal growth, the team at Broadgate is here to help.

As business protection and enablement staffing specialists, we’ve placed thousands of finance professionals in supportive, growth-enabled workplaces all over the world. If fintech looks like the sector for you, get in touch with the Broadgate team today!