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Case Study: Finance and Accounting

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Case Study: Finance and Accounting

Broadgate partnered with an award-winning fund and corporate services organisation, revered around the globe for its expertise and integrity in the finance space.

With a headcount of over 700, Broadgate’s client was no stranger to exponential growth. To continue providing their industry-leading services, they lean on a scalable talent pipeline.


Broadgate’s client was experiencing a major influx of work, resulting in the need to take on a range of junior candidates at once, many of whom required extensive depository experience.

This proved to be a complex and time-consuming challenge. Typically, candidates with depository experience have niche skillsets that are difficult to come by, placing severe strain on the talent pipeline.

There are many intricate and resource-intensive aspects to mass hiring, making it difficult to navigate for the client’s small TA team. To overcome their compounding hiring challenges, they turned to Broadgate for support.


Broadgate supported their client’s TA team by conducting pre-screening interview tests on their behalf, alleviating some of the workload. Broadgate were able to dedicate a consultant to their project, taking it on as a full-time priority.

As market specialists, Broadgate has a granular understanding of depository and its role in the wider function of fund administration, enabling them to better engage with potential candidates, all of whom had not been directly involved with the sector.

Broadgate was able to provide further insight into the role requirements and the nature of the responsibility, resulting in a reduced turnover rate.

Bi-weekly meetings were put in place to ensure that their client received regular data-driven updates and insights into market trends, candidate information, and competitor reports.


Broadgate was able to fill jobs quickly and cost-efficiently, easing the strain of the workload, filling mission-critical positions, and supporting their client’s positive growth trajectory, placing 28 candidates to date.

Key Metrics

28 Key Placements Made

449 CVs Delivered

269 Interviews Conducted