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Trust Over Transaction: Tips for Attracting Top Finance Candidates

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Trust Over Transaction: Tips for Attracting Top Finance Candidates

​As hiring conditions ease across the UK, top financial talent is still proving difficult to pinpoint. Hiring managers and recruiters face long nights under the shadow of an ever-more complex labour market.

AI adoption, the never-ending back-to-work battle, wage inflation, economic instability, unprecedented regulatory change, and a gargantuan election year (the biggest in history?) all make for a precarious hiring landscape.

Major incoming regulatory changes (the EU’s AI act, FRTB, MiCA, CSRD, etc.) are poised to disrupt financial services the world over – leaders need to act fast if they want to secure the talent to help them navigate a new normal.

Despite the general rise in applications per vacancy, today’s top finance, accounting, and audit candidates are still hard to come by. Attracting and retaining them demands a strong employer value proposition and a commitment to transparency. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Bespoke Remuneration Packages

Between rising living costs, inflation, and more opportunities to specialise than ever before (with sustainable finance emerging as a key area), candidates are on the lookout for tailor-made remuneration packages. Taking the bespoke approach and targeting your packages to meet the unique needs of the individual is a must.

For example, this could include specialised training opportunities, profit-sharing schemes, stock options, financial well-being assistance, or a combination.

Can’t offer that straight off the bat? You could outline transparent career pathways that allow your candidate to take their career in a direction that suits them best. If you don’t know where to start, our specialist consultants can help you benchmark salaries and bridge the expectation gap – as consultants, we’re here to represent you in the best possible light, and that means negotiating pay on your behalf. Let us know if you need support: Contact Us.

A Healthy Culture

Historically, Finance, Accounting, and Audit jobs have been known for their burnout-style working cultures. Thankfully, this is changing as top candidates have plenty of choices when it comes to picking their next career move.

With the Consumer Duty Act in full swing, corporate paradigms are shifting towards a people-centric future – burnout cultures have found themselves on the chopping block as high-quality candidates increasingly prioritise healthy, inclusive, growth-enabled workplaces.

A good culture is a key selling point in the talent attraction process, often acting as the deciding factor when a candidate has multiple offers on the table. What do good company cultures have in common? They’re all different, but in our experience, these fundamentals keep cropping up:

  • Empathic, resilient and experienced leadership

  • Transparent and inclusive communication

  • Flexibility

  • Employee engagement initiatives

  • Access to regular training

  • Clear career pathways


The impact of AI-enabled tech is unignorable, and so are the skill gaps it leaves in its wake. Finance roles are already changing as enterprise adoption picks up, and candidates are keen to upskill as a result.

Are you able to offer training and professional development opportunities? It could be the way to secure the next generation of talent (and also fortify your operational resilience). High retention rates are linked to consistent training, so if you’re struggling to hold onto your top talent once you get them through the door, offering your people avenues to upskill could be the best way to go.

Support From Broadgate

Broadgate’s specialised Finance, Accounting, and Audit recruiters have the means to help you fine-tune the hiring process. We can identify and attract the right talent for your unique business needs, even in the face of an uncertain economy. We underpin our community-led approach to recruitment with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, granting you access to a much broader, highly engaged talent pool. Want to know more? Reach out to the team today: https://www.broadgatestaffing.com/disciplines/finance-accounting-and-audit