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Pride Spotlight: Jaipal Sachdev, Global Supply Leader and DEI Advocate

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Pride Spotlight: Jaipal Sachdev, Global Supply Leader and DEI Advocate

In line with this year's Pride Month, Broadgate’s Josh Duggan chatted with Jaipal Sachdev, Global Supply Leader and DEI Advocate, currently working at 3M. Hear from Jaipal about his background, journey into the working world, and what Pride means to him.

I am a Supply Chain Manager at 3M, a pioneering material science company that produces a wide range of materials for the industrial and healthcare sectors. My career has consistently revolved around manufacturing, whether directly in plants or in close collaboration with them. From a young age, I was captivated by the intricacies of how things are made, often engrossed in shows like 'How It's Made.' This early fascination, combined with a passion for science and engineering, led me to pursue an engineering degree with the goal of entering the manufacturing field.

One of my most significant career achievements is being recognized as a 2023 Top 100 Global LGBT Leader by Involve and YouTube. This honour reflects my leadership in spearheading 3M's LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, where I had the privilege of leading over 1,300 dedicated allies and raising awareness about the challenges LGBTQ+ individuals face both inside and outside the workplace.

For me, Pride is a reminder of how far we have come as LGBTQ+ people, celebrating our progress while acknowledging the work that still needs to be done. It represents resilience, empowerment, and a continuous fight for social, economic, and political equity. Pride is not only a celebration but also a call to action, highlighting that not all of us around the world, and even in the UK, have achieved total equality. It’s about visibility, advocacy, and ensuring that every LGBTQ+ individual feels supported and valued in their journey.

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