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Building Ethical AI: The Fight Against Fincrime

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Building Ethical AI: The Fight Against Fincrime

30 June 2023 07:00-10:00 ManchesterBook your place

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Tomorrow’s tech is already here, and its role in shaping the future of financial crime is too compelling to ignore. From advanced fraud detection systems to evolving governance architectures, the transformative power of AI begs one of the most important questions of the era: How do we build truly ethical artificial intelligence?

Our expert panel will explore the most pressing parts of the AI puzzle, including:

  • The importance of transparent design 

  • Mitigating data bias

  • Diversity and inclusion training for stakeholders

  • Regulatory challenges

  • The perception, acceptance, and adoption of AI

Financial institutions stand at a crossroads – inclusive AI systems can serve and support all members of society, provided that they are designed to suit the needs of a diverse humanity.

Our panel of speakers

    • Nisha Moreno-Hill - Host @ Broadgate Social

    • Abi Chamberlain - Chair @ Trinnovo Consulting

    • Kathy Griffin - CRO @ Target Group

    • Ambreen Khasru - Independent Compliance Adviser

    • James Rickett - Global Lead - AML @ The International Compliance Association

    • Jamie Crossman-Smith - Managing Director @ Grant Thornton

Kathy Griffin

Kathy is the Chief Risk Officer at Target Group, and has been working in the banking and financial services industry for nearly thirty years. Previously, she was Director of Compliance for Monzo, and is passionate about all things inclusion, diversity and the fair treatment of people from all walks of life.

Ambreen Khasru

Ambreen Khasru, who was previously at Juni, Zilch, Monese, myPOS and MoneyGram has more than 12 years of experience in leadership and senior executive roles in compliance and risk across the UK, EU and US markets.

Ambreen enjoys public speaking and has a strong proven track record of effective strategic planning & execution, operations management and leading projects effectively both locally and internationally. She is an inspirational leader as a woman in fintech mentor. 

James Rickett

​James joined the ICA in the Spring of 2019 and works in the capacity of a Course Director, alongside also acting as the Global Lead in AML. Before this, James worked for 12 years at a world-renowned Tier 1 Bank. His most recent placement was based in the Middle East region, in the role of an Anti-Money Laundering Investigator in the Dubai office, where he was responsible for conducting effective and timely investigations. James’ career as an investigator ensured he became an expert in extensive areas, including but not limited to, anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, trafficking, fraud, tax evasion, and sanctions. James’ investigative experience spans retail, commercial, global and private banking, as well as trade-related facilities.

As a professional investigator, James has always regarded the ICA as the ‘holy grail of professional development in the compliance world’. He is strongly focused on professionally developing those individuals who are looking to progress their careers in the compliance world, by sharing past experiences from his distinguished career. He believes that this training will not only improve the skills of individuals but most importantly protect society from financial crime and potential terrorist attacks, thus ultimately saving lives.

Outside of the ICA, James has a passion for sports, including boxing and football. He also enjoys the outdoors, with his most notable conquest reaching Everest Base Camp in 2018 and is currently working towards his ambition of climbing Kilimanjaro and Machu Pichu.

Jamie Crossman-Smith

Jamie is GTUK’s Lead Digital SME and runs GTs Digital Centre of Excellence and is responsible for the firm’s client facing digital strategy. His background is in financial crime technology, having worked across all three lines of defence in a variety of programme, technical, and operational roles.

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