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AI in Risk: The new Frontier of Finance

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AI in Risk: The new Frontier of Finance

30 January 2024 18:00-22:00 DublinBook your place

​Join Broadgate Social for an unmissable panel discussion, where we’ll team up with industry experts to delve into the trends, challenges, and opportunities inside the modern finance space.

From robo-advisors to leading-edge fraud detection systems, the world of finance isn’t a stranger to AI disruption, nor is it immune wide-reaching risks it represents. In the face of market uncertainty, unprecedented technological advancement, and a looming polycrisis, how can we navigate the intricate risk environment? We’ll be discussing:

  • Data: the good, the bad, and the biased

  • The transformative power of Generative AI

  • Ethics and the regulatory conundrum

  • The evolving skill sets of today's Risk professionals

  • Barriers to tech implementation (and how to break them down)

Whether you’re an industry expert or you’re just plain interested, our events are safe, accessible, and inclusive spaces to share ideas, meet amazing people, and uncover opportunities. Interested? Watch this space for speaker announcements! RSVP today to save your spot.

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