Women in FinCrime: empowerment, leadership & bridging the gap

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Women in FinCrime: empowerment, leadership & bridging the gap

24 November 2022 06:00-08:00 Landmark St Peter's Square, 1 Oxford St, Manchester M1 4PB

‘Having lots to learn does not diminish how much you have to offer.’ From self-empowerment to redefining our professional identity, Broadgate Social teamed up with ICA last night to explore the most pressing issues in FinCrime today.

Joining us for our latest in-person networking initiative were our expert panelists:

  • Abi Chamberlain – Host, Client Service Director at Equiris Consulting

  • Dawn Hart – Compliance Director at DF Capital

  • Casey Pozarowszczyk – Head of Financial Crime, at N Brown Group

  • James Rickett – Global Lead, AML at International Compliance Agency

  • Sriya Katechia, Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) at Octopus Investments

The FinCrime landscape is home to a huge number of roles and responsibilities, all of which contribute directly to the safety and well-being of the wider world. Without diverse teams, organisations will lack the diversity of thought required to save lives, the ultimate goal of FinCrime.

Among a host of other topics, our insightful panelists delved into the role of diversity in the FinCrime space, the road to leadership, and the importance of breaking social stereotypes to create a more equitable working world.

A shift in culture means a shift in the way people perceive their own worth at work. ‘Do I not belong here, or am I a token here?’ It’s a question that shouldn’t need to be asked in an environment that inspires authenticity.

By promoting women, advocating for change, educating yourself, sharing stories, reaching out to leaders, and taking a proactive approach to career progression, we can combat FinCrime's diversity problems together.

How are these environments created in the first place? Everyone has a part to play. FinCrime is an interesting, rewarding, and highly impactful career that has the chance to make a real positive difference in the world, and there’s a place for everyone to belong. Representation is of the utmost importance in the FinCrime landscape – ‘If they can, then I can.’

Panel events like this help us redefine the space and unlearn what’s meant when we say ‘professional,’ creating room for people to be themselves. People don’t need to care that you’re wearing flats, shoes, or heels, they need to care that you’re there.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our panelists and our wonderful audience for keeping the evening flowing with their questions, until next time!

Speaking of next time, if you’d like to get involved with one of our events, or you feel like the time is right to take your career to the vast world of FinCrime, reach out to the team at Broadgate today, we’d love to hear from you.

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