The Role Of Social Enterprise Within The Recruitment Market

The role of Social Enterprise within the Recruitment market

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The role of Social Enterprise within the Recruitment market

In the past, corporate involvement with the charity sector was largely limited to writing no strings attached cheque’s to a favourite charity on the odd occasion. Yet, the corporate climate is changing. With an increased emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), more and more companies are becoming involved with charities and social enterprise.

As a result of CSR activities and a closer relationship with a charity or social enterprise, companies are reporting a huge mutual benefits. With this in mind nowhere is fresh thinking needed more urgently than the world of recruitment.

At Broadgate Search we hold Social enterprise at the heart of what we do by partnering with the Ex-Military Foundation. The Ex-Military Foundation is a charity that specialises in employment and training assistance to those leaving the military seeking assistance to transition to Civvy Street.

Broadgate’s experienced recruitment consultants are encouraged to give a minimum of 1 day a month to assist candidates who are leaving the military with CV tips, interview preparation, creating a social profile and helping candidates not just find a job but find a job that is right for them.

Scheduled throughout 2016 Broadgate Search have scheduled four workshops designed to tackle this social problem, where we will open our office for group information sessions:

  • Thursday 28th January: Top Tips crafting the perfect CV

  • Thursday 28th April: Creating your social profile

  • Thursday 28th July: Demystification

  • Thursday 24th November: Employers network forum

There are a lot of natural synergies for recruitment agencies working with charities or social enterprises whose mission and purpose is based around employment services.

In addition to the ongoing mentor scheme Broadgate Search operate, we also have a full events calendar of activities to raise money for the Foundation which awards grants to training, travel and expenses. Our aim for 2016 is to raise £5,000. These activities include a London to Paris cycle ride, Tough Mudder and a Half Marathon.

Working in this way we have seen mutual benefits of applying business logic and recruitment skills to our social goals.

If you are interested in finding our more about Broadgate’s social initiative and information on becoming a mentor please contact me on