Recap Webinar 5 Transforming Accounting The Impact Of Technology On Finance

Recap: Webinar #5: Transforming Accounting: The Impact of Technology on Finance

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Recap: Webinar #5: Transforming Accounting: The Impact of Technology on Finance

​Our Broadgate Search Social community came together for our highly anticipated webinar, ‘Transforming Accounting: The Impact of Technology on Finance.’

Discussions focused on the process of applying technology to financial organisations; John stressed how it’s important to ensure you have a clear vision when choosing a particular software or piece of technology, certifying it will get a return on investment, and you’re able to use this to train employees from the ground up. When discussing cloud software, John added, ‘the more we go cloud-based, the more interactive we become.’

We also spoke about what the role of technology has had over these unexpected nine months, with Janthana positing that the current pandemic has accelerated the need for technological implications; businesses are reinventing themselves, as well as improving internal processes to allow people to work from home. Ian added the recent pandemic has pushed people past the ‘fear factor,’ as businesses want to be as fit and agile as they can, and this has certainly sped up the process of what could have taken five years or so to complete.

Our poll results concluded that 46.9% of our audience believed the most important thing to consider when planning a technological improvement within the finance function is Return on Investment; whereas 31.2% of our audience believed the most pivotal factor to consider was whether it is slightly or highly adaptive.

We’d like to thank our speakers for their time, as well as their insightful ideas and knowledge presented throughout the evening. Thank you, also, to our superb audience who kept the conversation flowing with some powerful insights shown in our Q&A and networking sessions.

If you were unable to attend the webinar, you can watch the video footage here: