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Economic Optimism: Strength and Stability in the UK Banking Sector

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Economic Optimism: Strength and Stability in the UK Banking Sector

Economic optimism might sound like an absurd pipedream right now, especially framed among the recession-laden headlines and the constant pressure of the cost-of-living crisis, but it’s far from it. The UK’s banking sector remains strong and stable, and recent reports indicate that the recession might not be as deep as first expected.

What does this mean for the not-so-distant future of work? As digital transformations become commonplace and the UK government moves to regulate cryptocurrency, are we on the precipice of a bright dawn for exciting new careers?

The Fintech Capital of the World

London has risen to the mantle of the world’s fintech capital after establishing itself as the premier destination for investment in the sector, outgrowing giants like New York, Tokyo, and San Francisco.

The attractive regulatory framework and talent-rich locale makes London an enticing prospect for those seeking new business opportunities. More business opportunities means (hopefully) more career opportunities for one of the most exciting emergent industries of the 21st century.

Fintech roles currently in demand:

·      AI Developers

·      Compliance Professionals

·      Blockchain Specialists

·      Business Analysts

·      Audit Specialists

·      Data Scientists

·      Finance Analysts

The Rise of Automation

While the demand for financial professionals will likely remain high, given that the finance sector makes up a substantial portion of the UK economy, the rise of automated business solutions could have a huge impact on hiring priorities, shifting the focus away from candidates with hard skills to their softer, more durable counterparts.

Skills like communication, adaptability, interpersonal skills, creativity, and critical thinking are all critical in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

This doesn’t mean you have to worry about nightmarish A.I. tyrants stealing your finance jobs by any means, it represents an exciting opportunity to leverage leading-edge tech, potentially improving the working world for good.

Efficiency and optimisation will be the aim of the future game for the word’s financial organisations, particularly those looking to slow down on their hiring intake until the recession dust settles.

Regulatory Reforms

As the worst of the COVID tailwind subsides, regulatory reform may have a huge role to play in the stabilisation of the UK financial sector. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority have made strides in implementing many new initiatives, including those in the area of ESG (environmental, social, governance) developments. This highlights the greater appetite for more sustainable investing as financial institutions look to a greener future.

New Opportunities

If you’re looking for a new opportunity in the world of finance, or you’re hoping to hire some top talent of your own, the team at Broadgate can find a solution that works for your specific needs.

As business protection and enablement staffing specialists, we’ve placed the best financial candidates in organisations all over the world. We have a wealth of experience hiring in the financial sector, and our people-first, diversity-led approach to recruitment enables us to access the widest possible talent pool, even in a talent-short market.

From audit recruitment to CV writing guidance and bespoke embedded staffing solutions, if you need support with any aspect of the hiring process, reach out to Broadgate today, we’d love to support you on your professional journey and match you with a space you can thrive in.