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5 Tips for Attracting Top Legal Candidates

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5 Tips for Attracting Top Legal Candidates

​Are you struggling to attract game-changing talent? You’re not alone. Despite a booming legal market, candidate shortages continue to stifle growth across the globe. To secure the top talent on time and on budget, you’ll need to do everything you can to stand out to the modern job seeker.

Here are our insider tips for anyone hoping to fill roles fast.

Act Quickly

Speed is key. Qualified candidates that are willing to move are never on the market for long, so it’s worth cutting down your lead times. A faster time-to-start shows your prospective employee that you’re interested and ready to invest in their professional journey.

It’s not too uncommon for us to work on processes that close in under 10 working days from the time the CV is sent to the final job offer, with a start date set as soon as the notice period ends.

Clear timings and visibly strong process management tend to naturally resonate with many legal candidates, and these are aspects of your company you can showcase from the very beginning of the recruitment journey.

Write Crystal Clear Job Descriptions

A comprehensive job description sets clear expectations for your candidate. It helps you narrow down your search, define the kind of culture-add you’re looking for, and build a more transparent employer brand.

Plus, this helps you establish the minimum benchmarks needed to map out the market’s landscape. It’s something we’re starting to see across the entire industry, and it’s greatly improving communication between employers and candidates.

Market Your Company Culture

Big salaries are far from the be-all and end-all in prime candidate priorities – we’ve seen candidates move to benefit from better company culture, one in which they can feel appreciated and supported by an inclusive team.

What makes your company culture special? Why do your people enjoy working for your organisation? You can benefit from making a good company culture discoverable throughout the entirety of your digital presence, it might be the tipping point for a candidate stuck between a few options.

A clear company mission statement, combined with a breakdown of your values, can be a fantastic way to set a precedence for the kind of culture you’re trying to create with your teams.

Develop a Desirable Flexible Working Policy

Legal candidates enjoy their autonomy, and in a field that’s been historically resistant to remote work (before the pandemic), a creative flexible working policy is an enticing benefit nowadays.

Remote work for the sake of it won’t do the trick either – it needs to be backed up by a sturdy policy, and it must offer the candidate the tools and space they need to thrive.

Delegate to a Specialist

As legal staffing specialists ourselves, we’re destined to say this, but it’s well worth using a seasoned recruiter to help you speed up your lead times, source top talent, offer guidance and, in our case, create access to hard-to-reach talent.

If you’ve got any questions about recruitment in the ever-changing legal market, believe in Broadgate – we’re here to support you. Reach out to us if you have any questions.