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Do Advancements in A.I. Spell the End for Monotonous Legal Tasks?

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Do Advancements in A.I. Spell the End for Monotonous Legal Tasks?

​Monotonous tasks are commonplace in the legal arena; even the most zealous admin lover would struggle to deny it. Do advancements in artificial intelligence (A.I.) represent an opportunity to rectify this?

From sports to bioinformatics and everything in between, the A.I. revolution has more than made its mark, and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Changes are still happening whether you’re fearing for your job security or embracing A.I. with open arms.

The Future is Already Here

The legal landscape is no stranger to A.I. – it’s been used to optimise workflows, review contracts, write copy, and even assess the likelihood of recidivism for many years (the latter being a significant point of contention).

A.I. is here. It’s not future tech anymore, and professionals in the legal sector will likely need to leverage it to retain any kind of competitive edge. The tech sector is booming with opportunities for legal professionals – check out our latest selection here for more insight.

Harvey AI is the latest head-turner in the legal software space, a tool built just for law firms that received investment from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Concerns of information inaccuracy and ‘hallucinations’ are rife, but the consensus seems to be that the generative AI movement is a positive step forward for legal.

Will AI Replace Lawyers?

Robots won’t replace lawyers quite yet. AI looks set to constantly improve the quality of legal jobs as time goes on, reducing the amount of time people need to spend on mundane tasks. This will continue to free up time and space for legal professionals to put towards more meaningful work.

Lawyers will need to adapt to the latest tech to continue providing their clients with the most value possible and find new ways to leverage their tools for a competitive advantage. In many ways, A.I. represents a chance for candidates to learn faster and create legal content in a greater capacity than ever before, provided they can navigate the bias problem.

Bias in A.I.

We’ve known about the disastrous effects of bias in A.I. for a while. In the worst cases, bias in A.I. can be deadly, and the legal sector is no exception. Legality, justice, and fairness are rooted in strict ethics, but how reliable are those ethics when A.I. is making the call?

Data input must be scrutinised to ensure systems are unbiased – it’s the duty of the legal sector, and if it’s done well, a fairer future could be right around the corner.

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