Jobs to Watch : Cyber Governance

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Jobs to Watch : Cyber Governance

​Where are all the cybersecurity professionals? Despite boasting some of the brightest prospects and largest starting wages found in any industry, last year’s global talent gap of 3.4 million security candidates points to a slew of pipeline problems, and it’s still proving to be a tough time for hiring managers.

The rising demand is partly a symptom of hefty academic barriers, rapidly evolving regulations and a distinct lack of alternative routes into the role, but it’s not all doom and gloom – businesses are starting to think creatively when it comes to attracting and retaining their candidates, and it spells good news for the future of the space.

Cyber Governance represents a particularly exciting area of work in today’s world, and for those with a passion for problem-solving, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

A Vital Role

Data breaches and various other forms of cyber-attack are among the gravest threats that face modern businesses. Organisations without some form of public-facing application seem like a rarity nowadays, and with cybercrime on the rise, the vital importance of security is clearer than ever.

For the chance to embark on a meaningful career path that delivers a positive impact on both businesses and consumers everywhere, the governance side of cyber is a prime place to explore.

Depending on the nature of the individual role, cyber governance jobs can play a seminal part in holding businesses accountable for their actions, protecting the public’s interests, informing strategic company decisions, and typically providing the lines of defence needed to enable and protect a business as it grows and scales.


Cybersecurity careers offer big salaries, even at the graduate level, but it increases significantly on the senior governance side, with many experienced workers enjoying wages of £90,000 or more.

One of the biggest benefits that a GRC-focussed role provides is perhaps the consistently high wages in cross-industry compatibility – companies of all shapes and sizes need GRC analysts, compliance managers, integrated risk management specialists, and plenty of other roles, from healthcare to entertainment and everything in-between.

In many ways, this versatility is what makes roles in cyber governance so enticing for so many. There are many different paths to explore, and once you’re inside, the options are all yours to consider.

New Avenues of Opportunity

Many hiring managers are ditching the traditional criteria in favour and getting creative, partly to account for the rising talent demand. The US has been sourcing ex-military candidates for a while now, and it’s something that we predict the UK will start to pick up on soon in a greater capacity.

If you’re searching for your next big break in cyber or GRC, it’s worth casting your net a little wider – companies are more open to the idea of relaxing criteria in favour of sourcing talent they can train and who fit in with the culture.

If you need support in finding a new role, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Broadgate today, we’re here to help you find a career you can thrive in.