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Transformation & Change: Your Guide to a More Effective Recruitment Process

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Transformation & Change: Your Guide to a More Effective Recruitment Process

​The brakes are off, the purse strings are opening, and the time for change is now. Businesses everywhere picking up their big pre-covid transformation plans, and they need the talent to help them realise their visions.

Like most roles in today’s climate, demand for skilled transformation & change candidates is high. Standing out as a stellar employer means going above and beyond with your hiring process, and that means getting your messaging right.

What does it take to develop a more effective recruitment process? Even if you lack the resources boasted by your competitors, there are moves to be made.

Act Fast

Timing is everything, particularly in an area that moves as quickly as transformation & change. A short time-to-fill (TTF) is your secret weapon. Contractors in this sector typically want to move on to the next role in haste, and when they’ve got a host of options to choose from, you can’t afford to lose out on talent because you’re taking too long to get back to them.

A good TTF has some long-running benefits too, like immediate candidate impact, a boost to your employer brand proposition, and, in many cases, a higher overall response rate.

How exactly do you speed your TTF up? Here are a few tips:

·      Keep Communicating – your candidate needs to know the process is moving forward

·      Use a specialised recruiter – a good recruiter should have the reach to secure top talent faster than your hiring managers

·      Leverage tech – certain parts of the process can be automated seamlessly. If you need a quick start, automated onboarding might be a good way to go.

·      Combine interview stages – endless interviews are the bane of the modern candidate. If you can't cut the stages out, it’s worth trying to combine them.

Get Specific

There are plenty of outdated, irrelevant, or downright misleading job descriptions out there, and they aren’t doing employers any favours. It’s time to get specific about what the role really entails – it helps connect you to the right person, and better still, helps you avoid a bad hiring (poor recruitment is costing UK businesses billions).

Writing better job ads can help you get your company’s messaging right too, enabling you to connect with the candidates that most represent your brand’s values.

Sell Your Project

It is not uncommon to see candidates in this space make lateral moves and even take pay cuts for the chance to work on exciting new projects. The transformation & Change sector is home to some incredibly prestigious projects that speak for themselves.

Let your prospective hires know about your transformation, the nature and prestige of the project might be enough to sway them. Framing the candidate journey in a way that showcases the potential impact your people can make on the wider landscape can help you align your vision with the right talent.

Similarly, if you’re working with leading-edge tools and systems, it represents an opportunity for your candidates to develop their skill sets and gain valuable experience.

Finding the Talent

At Broadgate, our consultants have been delivering top change & transformation talent to high-growth companies all over the globe, and we’ve built the network necessary to fill even the most niche positions.

With digital transformation in full swing, staying competitive in the talent acquisition arena has never been so important. Outsourcing your recruitment could be the edge you need in a turbulent market. If you need any support, contact the Broadgate team here, we’re here to build a solution that works for you.