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Out of the Comfort Zone

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Out of the Comfort Zone

​Comfort zones are safe, easy, familiar, and at their worst, stagnant. I took a massive step out of mine recently and ended up ticking a goal off my bucket list by completing a marathon.

It was without question the hardest and most uniquely uncomfortable thing I have ever done, but I would (and will) do it again. Whilst the post-run beer nearly made up for the aches and pains alone, the feeling of overcoming the unfamiliar was the real takeaway.

None of it would’ve happened if I’d stayed in the safety of my comfort zone. In many ways, the recruitment space is defined by change, and meaningful change of any kind demands you step out of your comfort zone.

The bonus period has ended, and for some, it’s led to the same old dilemma – ‘Should I stay in the same role because it’s easy and comfortable, or should I reach for something more?’

Looking Forward

It can sometimes lead to an odd dichotomy of being unhappy at work but deciding to stay anyway because it doesn’t involve leaving the comfort zone.

This is the comfort zone’s craftiest trick – lulling you into thinking it’s the safer option while quietly denting your progression. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the working world either, it’s the same wherever you look.

Challenging yourself and setting personal goals outside of work can help you escape the burnout epidemic and bring a bit of balance back to the equation, life shouldn’t be defined by work after all.

Why would you leave your comfort zone when it’s so… comfy in the first place? And what’s it like on the outside? Perhaps it’s better to think of it as a space that enables growth. People explore the unknown for a million different reasons, and they do it in just as many ways.

It might help you:

·      Learn to cope with stress and change, improving your response to emotionally demanding situations

·      Discover new career opportunities

·      Expand your network

·      Learn new skills

·      Build your confidence

·      Get exposure to new experiences

Whether or not you hit your goal outside of your comfort zone is one thing, but it’s worth remembering that you grow from the experience regardless, even when greener grass isn’t guaranteed.

If you’re hoping to take the step yourself and move on to a new opportunity, reach out to me and the Broadgate team. We are here to help you navigate the recruitment process and move your career forward in a way that works for you.