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What's the Deal with Green Finance?

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What's the Deal with Green Finance?

​The finance sector is in the clutches of a paradigm shift. As much of the world scrambles to transition to a greener future, finance is uniquely positioned to accelerate sustainable developments.

Between the increased ESG-related investment activity and the thriving renewable energy market, it’s clear that profitability and sustainability are by no means mutually exclusive.

Green Finance, the financial approach that considers environmental objectives, is gaining momentum. What does it mean for the future of the space? And how will it change the nature of financial careers?

The Low Carbon Economy

A widespread reallocation of capital expenditure could prove vital in the transition to a low carbon economy, provided institutions are equipped to practice financial inclusion through a green lens.

This will result in some incredibly rewarding career opportunities in the finance space – we’ve seen the advent of new roles already, such as Green Bond Analysists, Climate Risk Consultants and Green Investment Bankers.

For those on the hunt for meaningful work, Green Finance is not short on opportunities. There’s a diverse range of paths worth exploring, and they don’t always involve joining a specialised green investment firm. Sustainability consulting, Impact investment management, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and environmental economism can propel you to success in countless areas of the financial sector.


Green Finance will play an instrumental part in the decarbonisation of tomorrow’s world. Fortunately, it’s less of a trend and more of a foundational industry change, making career prospects not only rewarding but also resilient, as they are naturally aligned with the long-term outlook of the broader economy.

That said, it’s worth considering what kind of skills you’ll need to excel in this new landscape (most of them are transferrable).

  • A knowledge of ESG assets and the corresponding external factors affecting them

  • The ability to manage stakeholders in line with their broader sustainability goals

  • Familiarity with green financial instruments, such as bonds and sustainable investment funds

  • Adaptability. The space is changing quickly, and just like most areas of modern work, adaptability will be essential

Where to Look

If you’re hoping to land a fulfilling new role in the finance sector, going green is a good choice – here at Broadgate, we’ve had the privilege of connecting plenty of incredible finance candidates with supportive, inclusive environments that let them thrive. If you have any questions about our diversity-focused hiring methodology, our communities, or our full range of recruitment services (including consultancy), please get in touch with the team today, we’re here to help.