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Case Study: Tide

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Case Study: Tide

Tide are the UK’s leading business banking platform, FinTech pioneers on a mission to save time and money for small businesses everywhere. From entrepreneurs to freelancers, their digital banking platform is utilised by over 500,000 happy customers.

After a surge in users, Tide was under pressure to make sure that they had a strong compliance function in place to keep up with the changing needs of their rapidly scaling business. 


Ensuring financial compliance at a time of unprecedented growth is critical to retaining an FCA license. Tide needed to fill out their compliance function to monitor all transactions – over 24 hours – across jurisdictions and individuals.

This was key to enabling live monitoring and ensuring the validity and regulatory compliance of the uptake in transactions. The situation demanded urgency – Tide needed to build a team of 6 individuals prepared to work shifts to cover the 24-hour requirement.

To rise to the challenge and put a team in place immediately, Tide enlisted the specialist recruitment services of the Broadgate team.


Due to the depth and scope of Broadgate’s global talent network, the team were aware of individuals engaged in similar roles to the ones Tide were looking for. Broadgate were able to pinpoint an individual whose project was coming to an end.

Our contact referred us to colleagues with the right skill sets and availability for the roles, and Broadgate dedicated the full weight of their resources to ensure the candidates were the right fit, carrying out due diligence on their CVs, experience, skillsets, and right-to-work.


Broadgate was able to build out the entire team of six within 48 hours of being given the mandate, creating space for Tide to scale successfully and maintain the integrity of compliance.

Following a 100% candidate success rate at the interview stage, Tide reported a 100% satisfaction rate with the quality of the successful candidates’ work.

The positive results of the partnership led to another hiring mandate for Broadgate, this time to deliver a team of ten to carry out the proof of customer income source process.

Using a community-led approach to hiring, Broadgate were able to complete the task within four days, with all successful candidates coming from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

Key Metrics

1:16 Interview to placement ratio

16 Business-critical candidates placed

100% Client satisfaction rate

100% Candidate success rate on interview