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5 More Reasons to Start Your Career in Compliance

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5 More Reasons to Start Your Career in Compliance

​Between a host of oncoming regulatory pressures, tight talent markets, and the world’s largest election year, it’s an exciting (and somewhat tumultuous) time for compliance professionals.

A while back we wrote a piece called 5 Reasons to Start Your Career in Compliance, and given the recent trends and challenges facing today’s fast-moving markets, we decided that now was the right time to release part two.

Broadgate’s recruitment specialists have put together five more reasons to start your career in compliance below.

1. Exposure to a Range of Industries

Compliance jobs are far more dynamic than they get credit for, and it’s largely thanks to their exposure to a range of industries. No two days are the same (it’s why soft skills are so important!), and broader compliance roles oversee various regulations, often resulting in a diverse and engaging workday (contrary to popular belief). Moreover, compliance is critical everywhere, so there’s strong demand in exciting, emergent areas like sustainability and generative AI.

2. Global Mobility

Compliance jobs can be found all over the world, and given the recent trend of businesses near-shoring their back-office functions, it’s worth exploring opportunities a little further afield. The increasingly interconnected business world regularly seeks overseas expertise, particularly in areas like data privacy, anti-bribery, and corruption. If you’re hoping to build a career that thrives on the foundations of a global perspective, compliance might have you covered.

3. Access to the Latest RegTech

Compliance will give you plenty of opportunities to enhance your tech skills, whether that’s from working on the latest RegTech stacks or helping firms navigate AI implementation, the digitalisation revolution is in full swing, and compliance professionals are poised to play a key role in enabling the transition.

4. The Chance to Make a Difference

We’re moving into a new era of corporate responsibility, and businesses have found their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts firmly in the spotlight. Compliance professionals have a vital role to play in developing and enforcing robust frameworks that set a higher standard of transparency and accountability in business, and that tends to apply at most seniorities.

5. Exposure to Senior Leaders

Compliance is a perfect entry point into the world of business, often creating easy access to senior business leaders that you might not otherwise get a chance to interact with. This exposure allows compliance professionals to develop relationships with key decision-makers and gain a deeper understanding of how different parts of a business work together. This can create new avenues through which to specialise, providing a springboard for a well-rounded business career, as compliance professionals gain exposure to various departments and their operational aspects.

Hoping to start your career in compliance but don’t know where to look? Broadgate’s specialist recruiters have you covered – contact the team today to find out more: