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The Changing Legal Landscape in Ireland

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The Changing Legal Landscape in Ireland

​It’s an exciting time to be a legal candidate. Even now, as companies and hiring managers feel the mounting pressure of recessions, global conflicts, and supply chain disruptions, the legal market is booming.

We’re yet to see the shape of the market reflect the worst of the doom-and-gloom headlines, particularly in Ireland, where you’ll find fascinating opportunities in abundance.

A historically resilient sector, legal looks set to undergo some big changes to keep up with consumer habits. With big changes come even bigger opportunities for jobseekers – here’s what we’ve noticed recently.

In-house Opportunities

From the NQ level all the way through to the C-suite, there’s been a large increase of in-house opportunities for legal candidates over the last few years, largely down to the evolution of commercial technology and cybercrime.

This is further exasperated by Dublin’s emergence as a key tech hub in Europe, a title achieved after years of investment from abroad, exciting startups, multi-national HQs, talent-attracting wages, and of course, the inimitable Irish culture.

Emergent Areas of Legal

The tech, Commercial contracts, privacy, data, and investment areas of legal, are all experiencing growth in the Irish market, thanks in part to the Brexit tailwind and the mass digital transformation.

As regulations twist and turn in a hurry to keep up with technological advancements, legal teams everywhere must step up to protect their companies in a complex landscape.

Here at Broadgate, we’ve seen more than a few companies moving to build out entire inhouse legal teams from the ground up as a result of these changes, particularly in the tech sector, and speaking of building teams…

International Investment

Ireland’s profoundly unique relationship with the United States has led to continuous investment from across the Atlantic, with many large American companies like Google, IBM, Apple, Intel, and Microsoft establishing their European HQs there (IBM set up shop in Ireland back in 1956!)

Now that global law firms can now offer international exposure remotely, Ireland is a far more ‘on the map’ legal and tech hub than it ever was before.

Workplace Culture

Irish workplace culture has a part to play in rising growth too – it’s generally regarded as a more sustainable way of working practice, at least when compared to the extremely long hours legal professionals often work in England or the United States.

As flexible working hours and remote opportunities continue to rank high on the candidate priority list, the gold standard of company culture has taken on big changes in recent years. As a bustling, highly connected international hub, Ireland is home to some of the biggest remote working opportunities around.

Finding the Opportunities

It can be tough to know what to look out for as a legal candidate, especially when there are so many emergent opportunities on the horizon. If you’re looking for an exciting new legal opportunity (in Ireland or beyond) reach out to the team at Broadgate today, we’d happy to find you a working environment you can thrive in.

We take a diversity-led, people-first approach to hiring, ensuring that all of our candidates get the opportunity they need to find gainful employment. If you have any questions about our services at all, or you’re the one looking to do the hiring, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.