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Legal & Company Secretarial

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We enter 2024 against a backdrop of cautious optimism, a time in which meaningful change and transformation will prove vital to the health and longevity of the world’s businesses. As such, the legal and CoSec talent markets are on course for an exciting period of growth.

Whether you’re building out a legal function to prepare for international expansion or you’re about to make your first CoSec hire, our specialist Legal and CoSec recruiters provide full-service talent solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Broadgate are proud to partner with clients across the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the US. During our time spent building a diverse global talent network, we’ve built a community of extraordinary candidates.

Our diversity-led recruitment methodology enables us to drive meaningful change within the broader legal industry as we create access to inclusive, supportive, and growth-enabled environments for our candidates.

From Company Secretaries and Paralegals to Senior Legal Associates and VPs of Legal, our team focusses on placing top in-house and private practice talent across a range of areas, including Corporate, Commercial, Banking/Funds & Capital Markets, Tech, Intellectual Property, and Employment & GDPR Counsel.

Securing and retaining the right legal & Company Secretarial talent (at the right time) can be the difference between success and failure, particularly in a sector that moves as fast as this one. Whether you’re hoping to hire or get hired, reach out to the team today, we’re here to help.

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